Let us help you create positive change in your life.

Making changes in your life can be difficult, as we all know first-hand. The therapists at the Bentonville Counseling Collective are dedicated to helping you find the best way to face your challenges and are committed to helping you create the change you want to see in your life. Our aim is to provide the best possible counseling for every person from any walk of life. Because of this we accept most major insurances, but we also provide out-of-pocket rates and even some sliding scale rates for different income levels. Click below to find a therapist, or read a little more about who we are.

We are a unique practice in that we operate independently of one another, but work together to support and learn from one another so that we continue to grow as professionals and as people. We each have different backgrounds and therapeutic focuses, and we each specialize in different issues, so we all bring something unique and valuable to the table. We also all have our own individual style, so there’s a good possibility that you will find your best therapist at the Bentonville Counseling Collective.