Therapy Services

Individual Counseling

50 mins


(sliding scale/lower fee services also offered)

One-on-one counseling with a trained and licensed therapist in a private office setting. Individualized treatment, tailored to your specific needs. Focuses can include anxiety, depression, managing stress, bipolar disorder, grief, and many others.

Relationship Counseling

50-75 mins


(sliding scale/lower fee services also offered)

This service may be conducted as one-on-one counseling, but may also include significant others or family members. Common issues include communication difficulty, infidelity, divorce, co-parenting, and others.

Teen/Adolescent Counseling

50 mins


(sliding scale/lower fee services also offered)

Adolescence is a difficult time for many of us, and for some it can create more issues than others. We have been working with teens and parents for the past several years on issues specific to adolescent development, including identity formation, sex and sexuality, parenting, and many others.

Trans Teen Support Group

90 mins/every other week


This group is designed to offer additional peer support for teens who identify as non-binary, trans-, or gender-non-conforming. Provides some education on LGBTQ-related issues, as well as information about gender transition, and teen sexual health. Ages 13-17. **Requires parental permission.**

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Community Education

Group Training or Lecture


1-3 hours

We provide training and education on a variety of topics, including parenting, cultural education and sensitivity, LGBTQ+ issues and awareness, and many others. We will come to your classroom, office, or agency setting, or host in our conference room, with a training tailored to your specific needs and audience.

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Workplace Services

Work Environment Consultation

$500/4-hour consultation

$150/hr follow up

A healthy work environment is the cornerstone of productivity and profit, and "workplace dynamics" can make or break your office setting or team. Small business consultation includes analysis of team structure and dynamics (up to 30 people), individual interviews, review of findings with senior management, short-term and long-term recommendations, and a review of implementation strategy.

Private Contract/On-Site Counseling

Upon Negotiated Rate

Oftentimes offices experience crises, deaths, or have times of year when workload creates added stress for employees. Having a stand-by or in-office therapist trained in short-term therapies can be very useful in helping to manage the mental health of employees during these stressful times.

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